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Well baby examination is important way to monitor yours baby’s growth and development. Regular checkups also provide an opportunity to develop a relationship with your baby’s doctor.

Westlands medical centre well baby clinic entails the following;

  • Well baby physical examination and measurements
  • Developmental milestones checks, such as Vaccination
  • Baby’s measurement -Baby length, Weight and Head Circumference– All plotted on a chart
  • Head to Toe Physical Examination
  • Skin – Various skin conditions might be identified during examination including birthmark and rashes
  • Heart and lungs – Listen to your baby’s heart and lungs with stethoscope to detect any abnormal heart sounds, rhythms or breathing difficulties
  • Abdomen
    -Examination done by gently pressing your baby’s abdomen. We can detect tenderness enlarged, organs or umbilical hernia
  • Genitalia
    -Inspect baby’s genitalia for tenderness lumps or other sign of infection
    -For girls we check for vaginal discharge
    -For boys we make sure both testes have descended into the scrotum
  • Baby vaccines -B CG, Oral Polio, Pentavalent, Influenza, Rotavirus, Meningitis, pneumonia.