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We run a fully equipped Pharmacy for all medical requirements hence serving as a one stop medical centre.

We offer services to corporate Insurance companies, in-house managed schemes for companies that open account directly with us and individual walk in-walkout patients.

Our Pharmacy

The pharmacy is run by highly qualified and cultured staff who ensure;

  • They provide information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, and dosage.
  • Analyze prescribing trends to monitor patient compliance and to prevent excessive usage or harmful interactions.
  • Provide specialized services to help patients manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure.
  • Advise customers on the selection of medication brands, medical equipment and health-care supplies.
  • Collaborate with other health care professionals to plan, monitor, review, and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of drugs and drug regimens, providing advice on drug applications and characteristics.
  • Compound and dispense medications as prescribed by doctors and dentists, by calculating, weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients, or oversee these activities.
  • Offer health promotion and prevention activities, for example, training people to use devices such as blood pressure or diabetes monitors.
  • Refer patients to other health professionals and agencies when appropriate.
  • Prepare sterile solutions and infusions for use in surgical procedures, emergency rooms, or patients’ homes.
  • Plan, implement, and maintain procedures for mixing, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals, according to policy and legal requirements, to ensure quality and security.