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Free operations for V.V.F clients

Our fistula surgeon conducts this operation in most reputable hospitals in Nairobi after diagnosis. Over 2000 patients have benefited from this program.

It is known that rural population deliver at home under untrained personnel or traditional birth attendants. Maternal deaths as some reports indicate is as high 1600/10,000 live births most of these deaths are due to lack of emergency obstetric care(EMOC).This contributes to incidence and prevalence of obstetric fistula, putting women at high risk globally of maternal mortality.

It is estimated that worldwide there are 2million women awaiting fistula surgery. Every year we have about 100,000 new cases worldwide, especially in Asia and Africa. Only 10,000 to 15,000 cases are repaired annually worldwide.

Obstetric fistula has been largely neglected reproductive health concern and human rights issue in developing world, despite its devastating impact on the lives of girls and women.

it has remained a hidden condition largely because those affected are among the most marginalized, young poor, illiterate girls and women in remote regions. They have therefore remained invisible and the issue largely neglected.

Fortunately the means to prevent and treat fistula are well understood. Prevention is the ultimate goal, through universal access to quality and accessible maternal health care services, including skilled birth attendance, family planning and emergency obstetric care. Fistula surgery and comprehensive care to address the social consequences help the women resume full and reproductive lives.

UnFPA estimates that we have a backlog of 40,000 cases of fistula awaiting surgery in Kenya.80% of fistula cases are due to obstructed labor.
The joy that you extend to this least people is unspeakable when their barren hearts are filled with sunshine.

The cheerful givers are blessed to have the opportunity of showing Gods love through this fistula foundation by donating to the account below. These funds will support the transport cost incurred as most of this women are fetched from the rural areas, medicines, and surgery team.